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Hardwood & Engineered Flooring
We provide free surveys and quotations for a wide variety of solid hardwood and engineered flooring in the commercial sector including hotels, clubs, tourist attractions, village halls and schools.

We have been involved in many of the new schools being built recently by major construction companies including Willmott Dixson, Skanska, Cowlin, Bam Construction and Speller Metcalfe.

Skittle Alley's
Skittles is still a popular game today. Moran Floors have over 40 years experience in the installation of new alleys and the refurbishment of existing alleys.

Alleys installed by Moran Floors include:

Sanding & Refurbishment
Moran Floors Specialise in the refurbishment of all types and sizes of solid and engineered flooring our services include:

Skirting & Threshold Strips
Changes in building temperature and humidity can cause movement in timber floors, it is important that the correct expansion is left to all walls and transition areas in doorways. Moran Floors can make these calculations and supply the correct size skirting's and threshold strips in either timber, aluminium or stainless steel.

Oils & Lacquers
Sealing with lacquer or oil is essential to protect the floor and permit easy maintenance.The amount of foot traffic will dictate how often it needs reapplying.

Moran Floors mostly use water based lacquers which comply with safety regulations and are fast drying. Lacquers can be supplied in silk matt, ultra matt or gloss finish. Oiled finished are also available.

Carpets & Vinyl's
Moran Floors can provide free surveys and quotations for commercial vinyl's and carpets to clients such as schools, universities and health centres.

We are also able to carry out preparation works such as damp proof membranes and latexing to give a trouble free installation to the end user.

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